dependenciesGeneric list of dependencies

This page lists the dependencies required for building or running the software.
See the development index page for more general information and links to platform specific details.

gearsMain dependencies

Since the code is pure python, it will not fail to compile if some of the runtime dependencies are missing, to prevent much head scratching later on, you should ensure that you have installed (see the sections below of operating system specific instructions):
  • PyGTK: GTK is used by the user-interface code
  • pycrypto: cryptography library
  • twisted: networking library

desktopVirtual Desktop Protocols

If available on your platform, you will obviously want at least one virtual desktop protocol installed:

tickOptional dependencies

If available for your platform, you should also install:
  • openssh-client: for accessing remote servers via SSH and for tunnelling ports
  • python-utmp or pyutmp: to detect local X sessions for shadowing via NX or VNC (used by the server only)
  • python-pam or PyPAM: to authenticate users (used by the server on all Unix-like)
  • netifaces: required for binding to specific network ports (optional and used by the server only)
  • Growl for notifications. The system will fallback to using native widgets if this is not installed. You can find the Mac OS X version here, for MS Windows here and here for Linux
  • notify-python: used for displaying notification messages on screen (not used on Windows or OSX)