desktopVirtual Desktop Protocols


The xpra mode requires a modified version of xpra which is significantly different from the upstream version it is based on.

(this version is included in our installer and repository)


Window Switch only uses only 2 NX components (both are open source):
  • nxproxy on the client/desktop
  • nxagent on the server

(NX is included in our Windows installer and Linux repositories)

Note: you do not need to install FreeNX, NX Free Edition or any other components.


This mode uses the "X11 forwarding" feature of SSH. This option must be enabled in the server's configuration. (X11Forwarding=yes for OpenSSH)
All you need is to have the openssh client installed. ('ssh', putty is the alternative included in the Windows installer)


This mode relies on the TigerVNC server.

It is included in our Windows installer and debian/ubuntu repository

You may also be able to use TightVNC but this is not supported


This mode is used to connect to Microsoft Windows systems, it supports both the RDesktop and FreeRDP client software.

RDP support is not included in all versions of Windows, see here for details


This mode captures the screen as a video stream on the server, scales and it compresses it before sending it over the network to the client.

GStreamer video streams are currently not supported on Microsoft Windows