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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#216 wheezy package issues Antoine Martin defect major UI
#220 cannot launch winswitch_client on arch linux Antoine Martin defect major Client
#221 NX fails to start Antoine Martin defect major NX
#223 Server won't launch - incorrect codepage in util/ Antoine Martin defect major Server
#224 Winswitch on Win 7 Antoine Martin enhancement major Global
#225 winswitch_server doesn't work on Ubuntu 12.10 Antoine Martin defect major Server
#226 b2a_base64() argument 1 must be string or read-only buffer, not None Antoine Martin defect major Client
#229 crash on shutdown defect major Server
#230 IRC link on Dev page broken task trivial Website, Email, etc
#231 Debian: xpra v0.8.1 attempts to start Xvfb despite not depending on it defect major Xpra
#232 SSL certificate has expired defect major Website, Email, etc
#235 GPG error: expired keys defect major Website, Email, etc
#236 Setting Up WinSwitch over a local network task major Windows Build
#237 Gentoo Ebuild task minor Xpra
#238 PIL,pillow patches for 0.12.18 release task major Global
#242 Additional NX options enhancement minor Server
#245 No handlers could be found for logger "xpra.scripts.config" defect major Client
#246 International keyboard support failing defect major Xpra
#251 FAQ should mention "shortcut" and "launcher" enhancement trivial Android
#252 x264 should be a package dependency? enhancement minor Server
#257 lists incorrect version for Download the latest source defect minor Website, Email, etc
#258 svn checkout returns Access forbidden defect major Website, Email, etc
#259 Repository download page for Ubuntu/Debian points Trust users to Saucy package defect major Website, Email, etc
#263 Conflict between netifaces and python-netifaces packages on Fedora 20 Radek Novacek defect minor Global
#265 difficulty with "msjnc" application and win-switch Eric Blade defect major Client
#266 xpra v0.14.6-2 not working Nathan Rennie-Waldock defect major Xpra
#267 NX not working on windows Nathan Rennie-Waldock defect major NX
#268 .desktop files not parsed correctly Antoine gmail defect major Server
#272 [PATCH] Correct parsing for .desktop files defect minor Global
#273 winswitch_command_wrapper: Add option to only start inside winswitch enhancement minor Client
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