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#85 wait_for_socket should use twisted and deferreds Antoine Martin defect major 0.9.1 Client
#216 wheezy package issues Antoine Martin defect major UI
#79 windows 7 moans on pywin32 - makes systray not positioned correctly Antoine Martin defect critical 0.9.1 Client
#67 windows vista uac issues Antoine Martin defect critical 1.0 Client
#302 winswitch 0.12.23: install --prefix not respected for all items (need PREFIX= environmental variable as well) defect major 0.12 Global
#261 winswitch client does not appear in system tray defect major 0.12 UI
#298 winswitch is missing in qwert defect major Global
#174 winswitch menu inconsistencies Antoine Martin defect minor 0.12 Client
#131 winswitch not running on debian sid Antoine Martin defect major Client
#156 winswitch on mac os x lion Antoine Martin defect major OSX Build
#205 winswitch server restarts xpra session and adds --bind-tcp=<port> [was security risk..] Antoine Martin defect critical Server
#232 SSL certificate has expired defect major Website, Email, etc
#137 winswitch_command_wrapper does not launch application if winswitch is not running Antoine Martin defect critical 0.12 Client
#273 winswitch_command_wrapper: Add option to only start inside winswitch enhancement minor Client
#225 winswitch_server doesn't work on Ubuntu 12.10 Antoine Martin defect major Server
#252 x264 should be a package dependency? enhancement minor Server
#185 xdg-open: shell script not compatible with /bin/sh [PATCH] Antoine Martin defect minor Server
#307 xpra doesn't update on Centos 7 Bob Tennent defect major Global
#127 xpra ebuild should honour the server flag and avoid building all the x stuff if disabled Antoine Martin task major 0.12 Global
#81 xpra full desktop using Xnest Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.9.1 Global
#295 xpra high keyboard latency defect major Xpra
#299 xpra html5 client is broken in xenial PPA defect major Global
#219 xpra no longer working Antoine Martin defect major 0.12 Server
#266 xpra v0.14.6-2 not working Nathan Rennie-Waldock defect major Xpra
#121 xpra want's xpra but only is available in Ubuntu Antoine Martin defect major Xpra
#148 xpra want's xpra but only is available in Ubuntu Maverick Antoine Martin defect major Client
#124 xpra- doesn't resolve Antoine Martin defect major 0.12 Global
#182 HTTPS setup bad Antoine Martin defect minor Website, Email, etc
#89 xvnc status updates by watching server output (like nx does) Antoine Martin enhancement major 0.9.2 Client
#196 ~/.winswitch/server/server.log in use all the time Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.12 Global
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