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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#267 NX not working on windows Nathan Rennie-Waldock defect major NX
#268 .desktop files not parsed correctly Antoine gmail defect major Server
#270 Winswitch unable to connect over ssh from MS Windows to server running openssh 6.7 dfeldstern defect critical 0.12 Global
#272 [PATCH] Correct parsing for .desktop files defect minor Global
#273 winswitch_command_wrapper: Add option to only start inside winswitch enhancement minor Client
#275 bashism in /bin/sh script defect major 0.11 Global
#276 CentOS 7 missing dependencies defect minor 0.11 Xpra
#277 WinSwitch Wont Start OSX 10.9.5 student_meh defect blocker 0.12 Global
#283 Windows plink binary needs updating Nathan Rennie-Waldock defect major Windows Build
#284 [PATCH] Fix incorrect icons for some apps defect minor Server
#285 connecting with ssh to winswitch server is failing. Kundan Kumar defect major Client
#286 question about 8bit pseudocolor support by xpra enhancement trivial Global
#290 CentOS 6.8 package directory is missing "winswitch" package (maybe others) defect major Global
#291 When attempting to start an application on Fedora 24 using WindowSwitch 0.12.21 you are informed that xpra is not supported. jayce1996 defect major Server
#293 XPRA - add connection title to menu enhancement minor Global
#294 Latest Version of Xpra breaks compatibility (Linux) defect major Xpra
#295 xpra high keyboard latency defect major Xpra
#296 Xpra version mismatch error defect major 0.12 Global
#297 Repo is missing Ubuntu 17.04 packages Nathan Rennie-Waldock defect major Website, Email, etc
#298 winswitch is missing in qwert defect major Global
#299 xpra html5 client is broken in xenial PPA defect major Global
#300 insecure umask 0000 on ubuntu server defect major Server
#301 Packages missing from all centos/EL repo defect major Global
#302 winswitch 0.12.23: install --prefix not respected for all items (need PREFIX= environmental variable as well) defect major 0.12 Global
#303 When the client connects to the server, there are port forwarding and application startup errors. Zueuk defect major Global
#304 GPG key expired Antoine Martin defect major Website, Email, etc
#305 Invalid signatures defect blocker Global
#307 xpra doesn't update on Centos 7 Bob Tennent defect major Global
#308 Can not open sessions on ubuntu 18.04 defect major Client
#309 No module named xpra.dotxpra on Debian Buster defect major Global
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